Student Settings

The student account settings allow students to customize their Typing Pal experience and manage certain settings.

To access the settings, the students must:

  1. Click or tap his or her identifier in the top right corner of the window;
  2. Select one of the five sections:



The student can choose an avatar that corresponds to his or her taste from 49 portraits, 30 creatures and 30 neutral photos.

Email Address

The students can enter his or her email address to recover a lost password.


If this option has been enabled in the Configuration panel of the Group summary, students can change their password.


The student can select a coach from the three that are available.

6-11 years

Yuli Zak Tofino

12-16 years

Seb Mel Emy et Mat

17 years and over

Victor Julia Yvanha

Language and Keyboard

There are many types of keyboards depending on the operating system, the language, and the layout of the keys.

By default, the students’ keyboard type in Typing Pal corresponds to the one that was set up for their school. However, it sometimes happens that the school keyboard is different from the one they have at home. In this case, the students can configure the keyboard themselves. The keyboard viewer adjusts to the selected settings in order to help the students choose the right combination of options.


If this option has been enabled for the group, students can change their speed target and unit of measure. They can refer to the table of default values to set themselves a suitable target.


If this option has not been disabled in the Information panel of the School summary, students can link their Typing Pal account with those of Google, Office 365 or Clever.